Useful tips for raising Golden Retriever puppies

It doesn’t get much better than having cute Golden Retriever puppies running around your house. They’re not only playful but also very easy going and friendly. Are you considering owning retrievers and have no idea how to raise them? No need to worry, here’s some useful information to make that journey of raising Golden Retriever puppies easier for you:


First things first, before you embark on the buying or adoption process, you should ensure that your schedule and lifestyle are conducive for raising a retriever puppy. Since raising her requires a lot of time, it may not be wise to get such a puppy if you don’t have a large yard where she can play, or if you’re always away from home traveling. In addition, puppies are costly in terms of food, medical services, toys and treats, so you should be certain that your finances cater for all these.

Introducing the Puppy to Its New Home

The first few days with the puppy are very important. It’s natural for her to feel alone and scared since she is away from her mother and siblings, so expect her to cry a lot. However, this shouldn’t worry you; it will stop in a few days. Do the following when introducing the puppy to its crate:

Put the crate in the place where you spend most of your time. Leave its doors open and allow her to explore the crater inside and out. The idea is for her to get used to its crate, so encourage her to do so through treats and praises.

Crate training may take some time, so be a little patient with her. Expect a few sleepless nights at the beginning because the puppy will cry a lot as we’ve already mentioned.


Choosing the best food for your puppy may be overwhelming owing to the huge selection in the market. According to experts, Golden Retriever puppy food should contain more meat than grain content, so bear this in mind as you go about buying her food. It’s recommended that you feed her 4 to 5 small meals every day for the first 6 months. Thereafter, switch to a twice-daily feeding schedule. Scheduled feeding makes potty training and monitoring her food intake easier.

Potty Training

It’s very important that you always keep an eye on her because you’ll be able to tell when she’s about to potty. Usually, she’ll sniff and walk around the same place; when you see these signs, take her to the place where you’d want her to relieve herself. Note that your puppy’s bladder is very small, and that means that she’ll be pooping quite often, so you should take her to the spot every 30 minutes, except when she’s sleeping. Also, remember to feed her at least 1 hour prior to bedtime and wake her up every 4 hours to go potty. It will take quite a while for her to get used to this, but soon she’ll become a pro.

Health Care

Your animal shelter or breeder should tell you what vaccinations the puppy has received, and the ones that are due. Schedule and appointment with the vet to do a thorough examination of her, and also give her any additional shots she requires. In addition, keep a comprehensive record of all the vaccinations she has received, and note the ones that are due.

Take time to raise your Golden retriever puppy right, and she’ll always be grateful and happy that you chose her.