Signs of food poisoning in dogs

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Food poisoning has caused hundreds of dogs to die every year. We know how dogs love to roam. The nose is a very important asset of a dog. Because of their huge appetites, dogs could eat just anything. The smell of rotting food in trash bins and garbage heaps would be too tempting for a dog to resist. As such, dogs would always suffer from the food poisoning.

Food poisoning commonly occurs because of the dog’s voracious appetite, but this health concern can be due to other reasons as well. A loving dog owner may not be aware that commercial food is poisoning the dog. High-quality commercial dog food can get contaminated too. Contaminated commercial food would kill the dog slowly as owners unaware of the dog’s condition will continue feeding the dog so that the toxins will build up in the dog’s system.

Speedy and full recovery from any health concern would depend on early detection and treatment. For the safety catch of the pet, it is vital for a dog owner to know the signs of dog’s food poisoning. A poisoned dog though would know how to remove the toxins from its system. Dogs which has swallowed greater not compatible by the stomach may induce vomiting by starting eating grass. However, the dog’s self-doctoring may be ineffective in removing the toxins.

Poisoning is more common for dogs which are allowed to roam as they commonly ingest toxic substances. Food poisoning may occur if even a new diet is just introduced. A dog that is suffering of food poison would vomit. The dog would also have diarrhea. Vomiting and also diarrhea are the dog’s system’s way of removing the toxic substances. Food poisoning will make the dog drool and appear sluggish. Inappetance is too another sign and symptoms of dog’s food poisoning. If the toxins are not flushed out and remained in the dog’s body for a few days, a yellow like tint in the eyes of dog and bright orange colored urine will be observed. Severe poisoning would have the dog passing blackened stool, vomit blood, have seizures and lose its motor abilities. As stated, poisoned dogs may refuse to even eat. Unaware that the market food is causing poisoning, the dog owner may also mask the food together with gravy or also with meat to just entice dog to eat.

Dog owners should not wait for symptoms to appear. As soon as the pet was seen eating chocolates especially if it has finished off a substantial amount, the dog should be taken to the vets at once. While still at home, the owner can give the pet blackened toast as this first aid measure helps in preventing the poison from being absorbed by the body. If the pet has not yet vomited, the vet will induce vomiting to remove as much of the poison as possible. Activated charcoal will be administered to neutralize the poison and to prevent it from being absorbed by the body.

Symptoms associated with food poisonings like vomiting and diarrhea can be corrected by fasting dog for 24 for hours to give the stomach a chance to rest. After the dog fasts, bland foods such as boiled rice and also chicken can be given. But if the condition of the dog worsens, a vet’s attention will be very necessary.